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Enhancing COVID-19 vaccination process with ViVaT: Latvia’s Unified IT Approach

Latvia faced the challenge of efficiently managing COVID-19 vaccination appointments. The need for a streamlined process to handle citizen registration and direct them to vaccination centers was critical.


The solution was the introduction of ""ViVaT,""a unified IT system designed to centralize and expedite the processing of vaccination registrations.

Healthcare institutions began using ViVaT to offer vaccination appointments. This system ensured a centralized processing of vaccinee lists, speeding up data entry and directing people to vaccination sites.

While specific statistics are not provided in the sources, the implementation of ViVaT marked a significant step in managing the vaccination process more efficiently.

The transition to ViVaT highlighted the importance of centralized systems in managing large-scale public health initiatives. It demonstrated the effectiveness of IT solutions in streamlining complex processes like mass vaccination programs.

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