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From streamlining basic processes to optimizing intricate systems, our company specializes in delivering custom-tailored solutions suited for both businesses and government institutions.

Digital Health Services

By implementing contemporary world-wide used semantic coding systems, like ICD-O-3.2., TNM-8, ICCC-8 and other standardized terminologies used for oncology data, we ensured consistent and universally comprehensible data entries. This strategic combination not only streamlined data sharing and access but also optimized the system for advanced data analytics, enhancing the overall quality of service availability as well patient care and research capabilities.

Public Digital Services

We developed a web portal to facilitate government and municipal public services for citizens, including digital services for real estate tax payments, registration for preschool, application for government support regarding energy resources. The service supports all 43 municipalities in Latvia.

Integrated Identity Management Solutions

We developed an identity and access management system to support single sign on and central user workspace for organizations. The functionality includes multi-factor authentication, external user stores, switching among multiple roles, auditing of user actions.

Document Management and Digital Signatures

We developed a solution for creating qualified digital signatures and seals using smart cards and mobile devices, specifically for QSCD-type devices. This solution is applicable for XaDES (XML Advanced Electronic Signatures) within ASiC (Associated Signature Container), PAdES (PDF Advanced Electronic Signatures), and JaDES (JSON Advanced Electronic Signatures).

Latest Projects

Sitecore migration to an open-source alternative

We helped our client to move to an open-source solution without losing data functionality. Here is how we did it.

Enhancing COVID-19 vaccination process with ViVaT: Latvia’s Unified IT Approach

We created a streamlined process to handle citizen registration and direct them to vaccination centers

Song and Dance Festival management software

How we developed an event management system for the song and dance festival in Latvia 

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