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Sitecore migration to an open-source alternative

We helped our client to move to an open-source solution without losing data functionality. Here is how we did it.


Previously, our client relied on Sitecore Forms and a custom-built Sitecore portal for form creation and display. As the technology landscape evolved, the client recognized a need to modernize their system by transitioning to open-source solutions. This would not only enhance flexibility and scalability but also reduce costs associated with proprietary software. The challenge lay in migrating existing forms and data from a closed, proprietary system to a more dynamic, open-source framework without disrupting ongoing operations.


The Challenge and Implementation

After thoroughly evaluating potential tools that could meet the client's specific requirements, was selected as the most suitable open-source technology for both form creation and display. A dedicated migration tool was developed to facilitate a smooth transition from Sitecore to The migration process involved several key steps:
  1. Data Extraction: Forms were exported from Sitecore using the Package Designer tool, resulting in a zip archive containing XML files.
  2. Deserialization and Structuring: The XML files were deserialized and organized into a tree structure, mirroring the organization within Sitecore.
  3. Element Conversion: A crucial part of the migration was translating Sitecore form elements to their equivalents in This step required innovative solutions for elements that did not have direct counterparts, using sophisticated translation techniques to ensure data integrity and functionality were maintained.
  4. Condition Application: All conditional logic applied to elements in Sitecore was accurately replicated in the new environment.
  5. Serialization and Storage: The newly converted forms were serialized into JSON format, suitable for storage in NoSQL databases and other systems supporting JSON column types.

Conclusion and Results

The migration tool successfully addressed the complex challenge of transitioning from a proprietary management system to an open-source platform without losing data or functionality. By adopting, the client now benefits from a more adaptable and cost-effective solution for form management. The open-source nature of also allows for greater customization and integration possibilities, future-proofing the client's digital ecosystem. This case study exemplifies our commitment at WNTR Tech to leveraging cutting-edge technologies to solve practical business challenges. We provide solutions that meet and exceed our client’s expectations, ensuring their operations remain efficient and ahead of technological trends.

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