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Transforming Winter Road Maintenance: The IWiRoM Project

Winter road maintenance is crucial for ensuring safe driving conditions. Traditional methods, however, often fall short in efficiency and accuracy. The IWiRoM project, our collaboration with Riga Technical University, aims to address these challenges by developing an innovative, data-driven system.

The Problem Statement

Maintaining roads during winter poses significant challenges:

  • Inefficiencies in traditional maintenance methods.
  • High risk of fraudulent reporting from road maintainers.
  • Time-consuming and costly physical inspections.
  • Delayed response in optimal road maintenance actions.

The Solution: IWiRoM

The IWiRoM platform is an open, modular intelligent system integrated with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) module. It leverages the latest scientific knowledge and technologies to transform winter road maintenance. Key aspects include: 1. Winter Road Maintenance Ecosystem Model: Development of a comprehensive model that addresses various aspects of winter road maintenance. 2. IWiRoM and ERP Integration: Designing a solution that seamlessly integrates IWiRoM with existing ERP systems. 3. Analytical and Machine Learning Models: Utilizing deep learning and big data analytics to provide proactive decision-making tools. 4. Implementation and Validation: The platform will be tested and validated in Latvian municipalities and with road and transport companies.

Functionalities of IWiRoM

1. Work Administration: Simplifies task assignment and digitizes maintenance logs.
2. Road Condition Information: Provides data-driven recommendations for maintenance actions on municipal roads.
3. Fraud Prevention: Ensures transparency and accountability in reporting.
4. Real-Time Updates: Offers current information about road conditions on a digital map, facilitating remote inspections.

Project Partners and Roles

We were responsible for developing and maintaining the backoffice system and infrastructure. Riga Technical University focused on the development of the Winter Road Maintenance ecosystem model, IWiRoM platform architecture, and machine learning models.

Impact and Conclusion

IWiRoM aims to:

  • Minimize inefficiencies in conventional road maintenance methods.
  • Reduce the risk of fraudulent reporting by maintenance personnel.
  • Streamline the time and expense associated with physical inspections.
  • Improve the timeliness of responses for optimal maintenance actions.

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